Indonesian Swimming Federation Honoured By Hall Of Fame

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame announced its Honourees for its Class of 2014:

In addition to Melissa Cunningham (Australia), Sandra Bucha (U.S.A.), Elizabeth Fry (U.S.A.), Vojislav Mijić (Serbia), James Anderson (U.S.A.), Jane Katz (U.S.A.), the Indonesian Swimming Federation (Indonesian Marathon Swimming Committee for the Asian Beach Games and Southeast Asian Games) was selected as an Honour Organisation.

The trail-blazing Indonesian Swimming Federation Open Water Swimming Committee was formed in 2005. It commenced its annual Open Water Swimming Championships in the same year and has had a major influence in Asia for marathon swimming competition ever since.

Indonesia's Open Water Committee has been successful in developing the discipline nationwide by conducting technical and coaching clinics for both beginners and high performance performers.

Since 2005, with its structure and community involvement, the committee has evolved as major event organizers and currently hold 6 large-scale annual competitions including the Lake Toba Festival - World Super Swim.

In 2008, the Asian Olympic Council awarded the 1st Asian Beach Games to Indonesia. It was the first Asian multi-sport festival that offered open water swimming in its program. With only 3 years of experience under its belt, the Indonesian Swimming Federation Open Water Committee produced a venue and competition that reflected the stature of the international event with the 5 km and 10 km races pulled off flawlessly.

When the 26th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) were awarded to Indonesia by the Olympic Council of Asia in 2011, open water swimming was included in the competition program for the first time. Again, the Indonesia Swimming Committee pulled off an outstanding success in both the 5 km and 10 km men's and women's competition. Chris Guesdon recalls, "The open water competitions for the 5 km and 10 km events for both men and women, the venue and the organisation were an outstanding success. Both the international Open Water Games events conducted by Indonesian Open Water Committee were showpieces to the world and will be a legacy to the sport in Asia. In a part of the world where too many people drown, developing and showcasing the skills of individuals who can swim well in the open water is a marvelous long-term outcome of the SEA Games."

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