Liz Fry Inducted In Int’l Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame announced the Honourees for its Class of 2014.

In addition to Melissa Cunningham (Australia), Sandra Bucha (U.S.A.), Vojislav Mijić (Serbia), James Anderson (U.S.A.), Jane Katz (U.S.A.), and the Indonesian Swimming Federation, Elizabeth Fry (U.S.A.) was selected as an Honour Swimmer.

Fry, a financial services consultant from Connecticut, is a well-deserving record-setting marathon swimmer with numerous channel crossings under her cap.

She is a member of the Half Century Club and the 24-hour Club who also achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Her most recent English Channel crossing set the world record for the oldest person ever to do a two-way crossing.

In 2011, Fry took 24 hours 39 minutes at the age of 52 to complete her two-way crossing. She began at 11:15 pm on August 19th and swam 13 hours 20 minutes to France, took a very short break on the French shore and then swam back to England in a fast 11 hour 19 minute effort. She also holds the world record for - and was the first person to complete - the unprecedented double Ederle Swim, a 35-mile swim from Manhattan Island in New York to Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

At the age of 50, Fry also smashed the world record for swimming clockwise around Manhattan and became the first woman to swim around Manhattan Island in the "reverse" direction (i.e., against the prevailing currents) when she completed the course in 11 hours 41 minutes, breaking the old mark by over 6 hours.

In addition to her successes in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Catalina Channel, English Channel, Ederle Swim, In Search of Memphre, Fry hits land and does not slow down. She has mentored many swimmers and found the time to run 10 running marathons while being the long-standing race director of the 25 km St. Vincent's Foundation Swim Across the Sound.

Her solo marathon swimming career includes the following swims:

* Ederle Swim (2011), 11:05:07, 35 miles
* Ederle Swim (2010), 5:15:00, 17.5 miles
* Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (2009), 7:44:47, 28.5 miles
* Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (2009), 11:44:05, 28.5 miles in reverse direction
* Two-way English Channel (2011) 24:39:00, 42 miles
* English Channel (2008) 12:01:00, 21 miles
* English Channel (2007), 11:11:00, 21 miles
* Catalina Channel (2005), 8:56:00, 21 miles
* English Channel (2003), 9:05:00, 21 miles
* In Search of Memphre (2011), 25 miles

Photo of Elizabeth Fry is courtesy of Kevin Hagan of the Daily News.

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