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Phil White Takes Law Into The Open Water

With a legal career that was as successful as it was respectful with the good of society at its core, Phil White was at a crossroads in his life.

Ultimately, he could not shake the open water world and shifted gears from a legal career to an event management one with open water swimming at its core.

White established the Kingdom Games, Inc. with the goal of encouraging people to run, bike, swim and kayaking throughout the state of Vermont. “I thought long and hard about that,” White told his local newspaper, the Caledonian Record. “Return to the studied practice of law full time or take a risk, reinvent myself, and throw myself into this new adventure. Adventure wins. What I saw out there was that these events have intrinsic value to the community.”

He still works part-time in the legal profession, but his heart and time is now well-spent in the endurance world. Our gain.

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Open Water Swimming – Drafting Keys To Success

Draft off the hips or lower legs of the swimmer in front of you during long stretches between turn buoys. Stay within the V section of their wake.

Drafting off the side enables you to breathe and look at your competitors instead of spending the time and effort to lift your neck and sight forward. This enables you to conserve energy and remain streamlined - instead of dropping your hips during sighting.

Photo of swimmers in Lake Willoughby, site of Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association events organized by Kingdom Games director Phil White.

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